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The Portfolio

'One of the first pieces of advice I would give to any domain name investor is to begin with studying your portfolio and look at how the marketing of your domain name(s) could be improved. Supplying monetisation strategies, market data and correct imagery is a great start in building a picture around a string of letters.'

Market Heavyweights


I have been investing in category-killing, keyword-rich domain names that are undeniably great for SEO and market recognition for the last 10 years, however, with this portfolio I have targeted solely one-word domain names that encompass entire market(s); carrying their own unrivaled authority. One of the many domains featured here is ''; it embodies the entirety of the seafood industry, alongside evoking unmatchable expertise and trust. Such domain names I have found are memorable, iconic, and versatile, allowing diversification and adaptation within changing markets, attracting a diverse audience, and fostering customer loyalty for substantial and sustained success.

At Perceptive Domains, I believe that not all 'brandables' are equal. I avoid grouping 'misspells', obscure words, short number/letter constructs, and other categories jumbledly. Instead, I organise domains thoughtfully, distinguishing my thought-leading 'hybridables' (this portfolio). 'Hybridables' are recognisable keywords embedded/carefully constructed within less common words (may be used/popular within a niche). The familiarity of the 'embedded' keyword successfully bridges our entire word effortlessly into our target market(s).

Traditional Investments


The strategic and perceptive portfolio (development) approach has made it possible to secure these particular assets, positively identified as powerful players within the traditional investment and commodity markets.

I have keen schedules for deploying and trading upon each asset by winter 2024.

The development options remain versatile, with the 'iferous' suffix (meaning 'bearing'), opening up a variety of potential monetisation options. The vision currently, is to establish mutually beneficial partnerships with entities working at the source, such as '' (Diamond-bearing), capitalising on their defined geological associations and their significance in end-market investor communications and education. This proactive strategy positions the assets for great success, relentless growth and maximises the opportunities in an ever-evolving traditional investment landscape.

Perceptive Domain's unparalleled collection of 'Beauty' domains has been curated based on an in-depth understanding of the beauty, fashion, and cosmetic industries and their branding techniques; the evolutions and what strategies are proving successful, reflected in millions/billions of yearly revenue. Perceptive domains 'Beauty' - is a coming together of strategy, vision, passion for language, and futuring. 

Other 'Brandables'

As a vocabulary enthusiast, this collection of exclusively one-word 'brandables' represents 'my treasure', beholding the beautiful, linguistic forms of art that they are. When I first embarked on building the Perceptive Domains portfolio, true 'brandables' were never on the agenda. However, now and again, some can just not be resisted.

New Additions

Below are the newest additions due to be added into the portfolio(s). 

Note: there are often assets showcased in 'Hybridable' that could eventually be categorised under 'Market Heavyweights'; 'Hybridable' operates under the guidance of 'embedded keyword/brandables', whilst 'Market Heavyweights' are strategically placed for their specific markets. 


'Hybridable' Domains

Market Heavyweights

Traditional Investments

Other 'Brandables' (defensive for

Domains with Assets

Domains being developed/monetised from the portfolio.